A positive path for spiritual living

About Us

Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Our Vision

Unity of Las Vegas, a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries, holds a Vision of: A world powerfully transformed through the shared spiritual awakening of all humanity.”


Our Mission

Inspired by that Vision, Unity of Las Vegas’s purpose - our sacred Mission - is: To advance the movement that calls humanity to spiritually awaken to Oneness with each other and all creation.”

Thus, our focus is on “Transforming Lives” through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living. We hold to a set of core values that guide us as we seek to engage more and more people in this sacred spiritual work.


Our Core Values

Transforming Lives Through:

      Spiritual Awakening   We seek to live from a conscious state of awakened Oneness with God, each other,

       and all creation. Nothing is more important or more promising for individual human beings and for all humanity.

      Freedom From Suffering   We support the process of achieving freedom from suffering for ourselves

       and others. We know the experience of suffering can be drastically reduced through spiritual practice.

      Integrity   We live Unity principles by making and keeping our agreements in thought, word, and action.

       When we live in integrity, we are our authentic selves and are at one with our spiritual source.

      Joyfulness   With playful expression, we celebrate life, love, and abundance.

       We are creative, joy filled human beings; joyfulness is our true nature.\\

      Inclusiveness   We affirm the divine potential in all.

       We recognize the intrinsic worth expressed in the diversity and worth of every living thing.

      Stewardship   We responsibly use and generously share the abundant gifts of the universe.

       We are co-creating a thriving future.


We invite you to join Unity to help advance the movement calling all of us to spiritually awaken to our Oneness with God, each other, and all creation. We know that your life, like ours, will be blessed by the experience.

For more information about the Unity movement and its co-founders, please visit: www.unity.org