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Unity of Las Vegas Bylaws 

Current Version Adopted January 27, 2019


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Article I - Name

Article ll - Purpose

Section 1 Statement of Purpose

Section 2 Accomplishment of Purpose

Section 3 Unity Worldwide Ministries

Article lll - Office and Official Records

Section 1 Principal Office

Section 2 Official Records

Article lV - Members

Section 1 Qualifications

Section 2 Election of Members

Section 3 Classes of Members

Section 4 Powers of Active Members

Article V - Meetings

Section l Annual Meetings & Special Membership Meetings

Article Vl - Board of Trustees

Section 1 Membership

Section 2 Terms of Office

Section 3 Prohibition of Service

Section 4 Regular Board Meetings

Section 5 Special Board Meetings

Section 6 Quorum

Section 7 Minister(s) Attendance

Section 8 Prayer

Section 9 Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

Section 10 Duties and Responsibilities of the Board Alternate

Section 11 Nomination and Election

Section 12 Removal from Office by the Board of Trustees

Section 13 Vacancies

Section 14 Board of Trustees Officers

Section 15 Duties of Officers

Article VIl - Administration, Management and Leadership

Section 1 Administration

Section 2 Minister(s)

Section 3 Definitions

Article Vlll- Ministry Teams

Article lX - Dissolution

Article X - Parliamentary Authority

Article Xl - Amendment of Bylaws