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Sunday Experience – The Mystical Art of Abundance

February 7, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am PST

Abundance in Our Life Work

In this the 5th and final week of our series on The Mystical Art of Abundance, we are delighted to welcome our guest speaker, Jeff Carreira, an international spiritual teacher, and author. Jeff brings a well-integrated wealth of wisdom teachings from a wide range of disciplines. He is passionate about supporting others in actualizing their unique calling in manifesting new possibilities for humanity and has this to say about his work:

“At the core of everything I teach you will find five distinct elements: Spiritual Freedom; Opening to the Divine; Paradigm Shifting; Reality, Truth & Paradox and Becoming an Artist of Possibility.”

“The core of my work involves liberating ourselves from mental and emotional reactivity through the practice of meditation. By releasing the grip that fear, worry, and excessive self-concern have on us, we open to the journey of spiritual awakening and illumination. In order to truly let go of our conditioned selves, we must open to a Divine source.

We live in a perceptual world that is created by our ideas about it. Whatever a new paradigm for humanity will be, it must start with a complete recognition of the inescapable co-dependent emergence that life always is. To navigate the path of awakening we must learn to think in unusual ways, to see reality beyond our assumptions about it, and find the courage to engage in radical forms of philosophical inquiry.

Ultimately, I am driven by a passion for liberating our consciousness so we can envision, discover and manifest new possibilities for human life. To do this, I ask people to listen deeply so they can hear their own unique creative calling and fearlessly express it.”

We Invite you to join us for our Sunday Experience live on YouTube each Sunday at 10 am PT, or you can watch at your leisure during the week. Feel free to also check out our archived videos from previous weeks.

Sunday Experience on YouTube

Our After-Service Fellowship


February 7, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am PST


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