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Our Minister


Reverend Shad Groverland was born and raised in Unity under the loving wisdom and guidance of Rev. Jack and Norma Groverland, ministers at Unity of Boulder, Colorado. The youngest of three, Shad and his older brother and sister were raised as “church mice,” spending more time playing and getting into trouble at their family's church than they did at home. 
At age thirteen, Rev. Shad was handed down from his brother the position of church “sound guy” – the job which inspired him to acquire a Bachelor of Science degree in Sound Engineering, leading into a 25-year career in sound production. As fullfilling as this career was for Shad, he always heard a deeper calling which he could no longer ignore after a series of life events in 2012.

Rev. Shad was called to ministry, not because it was the family business, but because it was undeniably written in his heart. That same year he enrolled in the Unity ordination path, graduating from the Unity Urban Minsterial School in 2015. One year later he was ordained from that same school and hired full time here at Unity of Las Vegas, where he had been serving as Spiritual Leader for 2 years on a part-time basis. 
Outside of his professional life, Rev. Shad is an avid mountain biker, downhill skier, outdoor enthusiast, loving husband to his wife, Erinna, and proud father of his daughter, Ahna. 

As a lifetime Unity student and spiritual practitioner, we are blessed to have Rev. Shad's deeply rooted wisdom shared with us each Sunday.