A positive path for spiritual living

Our Minister

Rev. Barry Vennard is a Transitional Ministry Specialist serving ministries in the Unity movement. 

Barry (as he prefers to be called) supports Unity ministries in focusing on the kind of positive change that will  make the Unity experience spiritually meaningful and valuable for more and more people. Thus, Unity seeks to support all those who are engaged in the transformation of human life through the awakening of spirit in themselves and in our world. 

Even though Unity ministries (Churches) look much like other traditional Christian churches, Barry wants to assure you that they are not. 

So, what is the difference? 

Traditional Christianity is based in the belief that Jesus was the unique and only son of a separate God (or was God incarnate) who came to earth to die in a divinely required sacrificial atonement for the sinful nature of humanity (inherited through Adam and Eve).  
Unity is based on the idea that Jesus was not a sacrificial lamb but was one of the first human beings fully awake to a spiritual potential that exists - as yet unrealized - in humanity. And, he was killed because his life threatened the authority and status of some of the religious leaders of the time. 
The awakening of this divine potential in individuals and in humanity as a whole has the potential to drastically reduce suffering and to bring about new and more wonderful expressions of truth, beauty and goodness here on earth - in this life! Jesus referred to this awakening of the divine potential in humanity as the Kingdom of Heaven / God.  That is the real reason the gospels are called  "Good News".  
It is this "Good News" that transforms lives, and that is what Unity of Las Vegas is all about! 
Barry hopes you will join us as we support each other experiencing all the blessings that come through the spiritual transformation of life!