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Sunday Experience – Live @ Unity on Rancho

June 23 @ 11:20 am - 12:45 pm PDT

Jillian Austin speaks Sunday June 23 on “Infinite Integration”

“Pain pushes until vision pulls.”
– Michael Beckwith

Welcome to a transformative journey where we delve into the heart of Infinite Integration—a concept that invites us to align with the boundless nature of the universe and embrace our true selves. This talk is a call to courage, connection, and spiritual growth.

Infinite Integration is about recognizing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The universe is not static; it’s progressive and expansive, and so are we. Pain often signals that we are trying to find satisfaction in places too small for our souls. By integrating a more profound understanding of our infinite nature, we can move beyond pain and discover deeper fulfillment.

Curiosity is our compass. To navigate change and growth, we must stay curious and open-hearted. This talk emphasizes the power of mindfulness and being fully present in our bodies. It’s about asking ourselves the tough questions, getting real with our feelings, and allowing ourselves the space to just be. Integration isn’t about doing more; it’s about letting things settle, finding stillness, and embodying the wisdom we’ve gained.

Together, we’ll explore the practice of delegating to the universe—trusting that a higher power has our back and is guiding us toward our highest good. We’ll dive into transformative questions that give us tools to gain clarity, ensure perpetual growth, and design a life that aligns with our true desires.

This talk is an invitation to transform pain into vision, to find joy and rest through deeper connection, and to embrace the infinite possibilities that life offers. Join me in discovering how Infinite Integration can lead us to live more authentically, courageously, and expansively. Don’t miss this chance to connect, grow, and transform. Come visit us and embark on this journey of infinite potential!

Jillian Austin Bio

Jillian Austin is an African American film writer, tv producer, performer, business development and life coach – creator and producer of the original series Secret Identity Show (2017). She’s also the 2021 Las Vegas grant award winner from the off-Broadway theater SOHO Playhouse for her original play “BLM: The Musical”.

In a climate of great uncertainty, polarity of thinking and a crying out for healing on a global scale, our Sunday Experience offers the inspiring message that the fundamental nature of the Universe and all beings is Goodness and Love.

“Love is the energizing elixir of the Universe – the cause and effect of all Harmony”
~ Rumi

Our universal message honors the spiritual traditions while incorporating the teachings of leading age thinkers and philosophers.


June 23
11:20 am - 12:45 pm PDT


Unity of Las Vegas @ Rancho
4325 N Rancho Drive #110
Las Vegas, NV 89130 United States
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