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Sunday Experience – LiveStream @ YouTube and Facebook

April 28 @ 11:20 am - 12:45 pm PDT

Earthlore: Our Calling Into Planetary Consciousness

With eyes, ears, hearts and minds attuned, we can sense a calling beyond the boundaries of being human that draws us directly into the living heart of Mother Earth. We know her story, stretching back billions of years and the lifeblood of her story, running through every vein in our being, is also ours. In this three-week series, dedicated to engendering this attunement, we will explore the evolution of oneness consciousness, the potency of the Native American Medicine Wheel and planetary awareness through the lens of Earth’s next Emergence.

Earth’s Emergence: The New Heaven and The New Earth

“As the new earth approaches, our way of thinking is being challenged more and more. The veil is thinning and lifting with the raising of our vibrations and frequencies. And this is a requirement for entering the new dimension. The old paradigms and archaic belief systems must fall aways to make way for the new.”
~Dolores Cannon

As we now find ourselves on the cusp of a new emergence for our planet and all of its relations, we sense the field of allurement into which all the right people and circumstances are drawn. Bound together by the threads of vision and trust, we center ourselves newly in the chaordic wisdom of the divine.

Co-creative forces beckon us not only to hold a vision for the world that is truly unfathomable to the mind, but to become it ourselves. That which we are creating, we are becoming. The Universe intentionally hands us an unfinished world for us to sculpt with the clay of our own hearts and souls. Join us as together we behold a new creation, as earth, as us, ever expressing love’s next evolution – a myriad of miracles never seen before.

In a climate of great uncertainty, polarity of thinking and a crying out for healing on a global scale, our Sunday Experience offers the inspiring message that the fundamental nature of the Universe and all beings is Goodness and Love.

“Love is the energizing elixir of the Universe – the cause and effect of all Harmony”
~ Rumi

Our universal message honors the spiritual traditions while incorporating the teachings of leading age thinkers and philosophers.

You can join us via livestream on our YouTube Channel or Facebook Page.




April 28
11:20 am - 12:45 pm PDT


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