A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Experience

Youth Ministry

We offer Sunday morning classes for children and teens (ages 5-18), and we teach according to the Unity principles we believe in. We focus on the idea that the presence of God is everywhere and in everyone. We strive to create a safe place that will allow our inner knowledge to unfold in a way that is unique to each of us. We honor various learning styles and intelligences and provide age-appropriate activities. Our Sunday classes involve stories from the Bible as well as contemporary literature, prayer, meditation, personal reflection, and creative projects. If you have any questions, please contact our Youth Department at youth@unitylasvegas.org.


Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry team is led by the incredibly talented Johnn Jones. He comes to us from Unity of the Hills in Branson, Missouri, where he served as Director of Music. He is a lifetime musician-singer-producer-songwriter who, in his spare time, is also an independent relationship and energy coach. Johnn is a family man who brings his heart and energy each Sunday with music that keeps you moving and lifts the spirit. For more information about Johnn, see his personal page at about.me/johnn, or contact him at johnn@unitylasvegas.org.


Prayer Team

Prayer is the foundation of Unity teaching and practice. Through prayer we connect to the Light within and grow our understanding that God does heal and empower our lives for good. Our prayer team is committed to a daily practice of prayer and meditation, holding our congregation and our community in the high consciousness of love, peace, prosperity and wholeness. If you have a specific need for prayer, our team is happy to serve. We have prayer partners available after every service to meet with you. If you have a particular need, send a prayer request from our website, or contact our prayer chaplain, Don Fouts, directly via email at chaplain@unitylasvegas.org.