A positive path for spiritual living

Youth Ministry

We believe that Unity of Las Vegas is the most youth-centric

church in the Las Vegas Valley.


Why do we think that?

3 reasons:


1. Our Regional Youth Events

Unity of Las Vegas is in the Southwest Region of the Unity movement, which is known as the most youth-centric region in the country, with some of the most exciting and engaging youth activities of any youth program nationwide. We participate in 7 yearly events, ranging from regional overnight retreats and week-long summer camps to international rallies, leadership summits and service projects.  



2. Our Message

Countless parents can attest to the impact of the Unity message in the lives of their children, which empowers them to meet life's challenges with a broad skillset of applicable spiritual tools. By learning about the power of God within them, learning to respect all world religions, learning to take responsibility for their own choices, and learning to truly live the Golden Rule without judgment or fear, children are able to face the realities of modern living with an entirely different perspective and a greater awareness of their own spiritual nature.



3. Our Founders 

Myrtle Fillmore, who co-founded the Unity movement in 1889 with her husband, Charles, focused her entire ministry on the youth. She created "Wee Wisdom", the first American children's magazine, established in 1893 and in continuous publication for 98 years. Her philosophy was that "children have an inherent nature that is wise and good, and...the purpose of education is to teach them how to shine their light of goodness and wisdom in the world." We carry on that philosophy today.